Beware of Scam Domain Renewal Notices

image09271215653Fake domain name renewal notices have been around for a long time.  They are usually received in the USPS mail about 90 days before a domain name's expiration date.   They look like authentic invoices and companies are fooled all the time.   The charge is usually around $75 which, oddly enough, is a lot more than a real registration.

Don't Be Fooled

You would think the higher amount would give people pause, but perhaps the higher amount makes it seem even more legitimate and urgent.   Today, I received one by email which is how legitimate domain registration companies send renewals.  It looked very believable.   Please keep an eye out for these scams.  If you receive any domain renewal notices and you aren't sure about the legitimacy, please send it to us–we'll tell you if it's real or not.