Mobile-First Indexing on Google

Mobile-First Indexing on Google

Mobile-first indexing is well underway at Google.  Since mobile has become a more widely used platform to perform searches, Google will now utilize the mobile version of the website when it indexes and ranks pages.  As a result, we expect to see search engine rankings drop for websites that are not well optimized for mobile.

What does this mean for your website?

  1. If we developed a responsive website for you within the last five years AND you have been subscribing to Ongoing Support (which includes version, theme and plug-in updates), then your website is already optimized for mobile.
  2. If your website is more than five years old OR you have not been subscribing to Ongoing Support, please contact us for a complimentary mobile review.
  3. If we did not build your website, please contact us for a complimentary mobile review.

Google evaluates all desktop and mobile content to determine mobile friendliness.  We have and will continue to place great importance on the mobile User Experience (UX) as it significantly affects the indexing and ranking of websites.

Sometimes when we develop a responsive website, a client will ask us to organize content and/or navigation in a way that adversely affects the responsiveness of their site.  When such a request is made, we do inform the client of the negative impact their suggestion(s) may have on the mobile optimization of their website. Please keep in mind that since Google has implemented mobile-first indexing, it will be now be crucial for websites to deliver an optimal mobile UX.

If you've received a notification from Google about your website's mobile-first indexing, forward the notice to us for a review.

Have questions or would like a complimentary mobile review of your website?  Send us an e-mail.  We’re here to help!

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Google Analytics Language Codes

Here’s a reference for the language codes you will find in your Google Analytics reports:

ar-saArabic (Saudi Arabia)ar-iqArabic (Iraq)
ar-egArabic (Egypt)ar-lyArabic (Libya)
ar-dzArabic (Algeria)ar-maArabic (Morocco)
ar-tnArabic (Tunisia)ar-omArabic (Oman)
ar-yeArabic (Yemen)ar-syArabic (Syria)
ar-joArabic (Jordan)ar-lbArabic (Lebanon)
ar-kwArabic (Kuwait)ar-aeArabic (U.A.E.)
ar-bhArabic (Bahrain)ar-qaArabic (Qatar)
zh-twChinese (Taiwan)zh-cnChinese (PRC)
zh-hkChinese (Hong Kong SAR)zh-sgChinese (Singapore)
daDanishnlDutch (Standard)
nl-beDutch (Belgium)enEnglish
en-usEnglish (United States)en-gbEnglish (United Kingdom)
en-auEnglish (Australia)en-caEnglish (Canada)
en-nzEnglish (New Zealand)en-ieEnglish (Ireland)
en-zaEnglish (South Africa)en-jmEnglish (Jamaica)
enEnglish (Caribbean)en-bzEnglish (Belize)
en-ttEnglish (Trinidad)etEstonian
fiFinnishfrFrench (Standard)
fr-beFrench (Belgium)fr-caFrench (Canada)
fr-chFrench (Switzerland)fr-luFrench (Luxembourg)
gdGaelic (Scotland)gaIrish
deGerman (Standard)de-chGerman (Switzerland)
de-atGerman (Austria)de-luGerman (Luxembourg)
de-liGerman (Liechtenstein)elGreek
idIndonesianitItalian (Standard)
it-chItalian (Switzerland)jaJapanese
koKoreankoKorean (Johab)
mkMacedonian (FYROM)msMalaysian
mtMaltesenoNorwegian (Bokmal)
noNorwegian (Nynorsk)plPolish
pt-brPortuguese (Brazil)ptPortuguese (Portugal)
ro-moRomanian (Republic of Moldova)ruRussian
ru-moRussian (Republic of Moldova)szSami (Lappish)
srSerbian (Cyrillic)srSerbian (Latin)
sbSorbianesSpanish (Spain)
es-mxSpanish (Mexico)es-gtSpanish (Guatemala)
es-crSpanish (Costa Rica)es-paSpanish (Panama)
es-doSpanish (Dominican Republic)es-veSpanish (Venezuela)
es-coSpanish (Colombia)es-peSpanish (Peru)
es-arSpanish (Argentina)es-ecSpanish (Ecuador)
es-clSpanish (Chile)es-uySpanish (Uruguay)
es-pySpanish (Paraguay)es-boSpanish (Bolivia)
es-svSpanish (El Salvador)es-hnSpanish (Honduras)
es-niSpanish (Nicaragua)es-prSpanish (Puerto Rico)
sv-fiSwedish (Finland)thThai
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Immediate Notification When Someone Mentions Your Business Online

Did you know that Google will notify you every time someone mentions your business or website online?

Would you like to receive notifications each time your competitor is mentioned online?

All you have to do is set up Google Alerts.   With Google Alerts, Google will send you e-mails anytime your web page or company name is mentioned.

Google Alerts is an easy method of finding new pages and articles linking to your site or mentioning your service.

Or, for monitoring your competition.

Just go to:

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Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time

If you use Gmail, you're going to love these keyboard shortcuts to help you breeze through that email.


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Google Plus Introduces Giant Cover Photos

Google Plus introduced giant cover photos this week along with several other features in an effort to make their social network bigger and better.  The new larger photos occupy nearly half the screen.

The cover photos aren't the only changes on Google Plus. The “About” tab is redesigned, and “Reviews” now compiles all of your reviews from Google Local.

These new Google Plus improvements are still rolling out, so not everyone can see them yet.

If you need help getting your cover photo ready, just contact us.

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Why You Should Use a Google AdWords Certified Partner

Like many business owners, you may not have a significant amount of time to invest in learning Google AdWords and managing your own advertising account. Hiring a professional can help save you time while maximizing the return on your investment.  Read more

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