Planning Google Ads for Holiday Traffic

Planning Google Ads
Holiday traffic is on the rise.  Is  your Google Ads campaign ready?

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 59% of U.S. consumers planned to begin holiday shopping in November, and 22% started or were planning to start in October.* To be there when your customers are searching for your products, start optimizing your Google Ads campaigns for the holiday season.

For businesses that thrive during the holidays, this will mean making changes to your Google Ads campaigns to ramp things up for the holiday season.   It's competitive out there and this isn't a time to just let your campaign run on auto-pilot.

For businesses that typically slow down during the holiday season, it's time to make changes to your Google Ads campaign to minimize advertising spending during the holidays.

Whether you are gearing up for record sales or a holiday vacation, we can help you get your Google Ads optimized for the holidays.


*The NPD Group conducted an online survey in September 2017 among a U.S. representative sample of NPD online consumer panel members. The survey was completed by 3,785 individuals aged 18 and older. Brand Keys surveyed 11,625 shoppers and Prosper surveyed 7,349 consumers Oct. 3-10 for the NRF.