The more we learn about your business, the better we can prepare your website to appeal to your target audience and search engines.  Please take your time to complete this questionnaire as completely as possible.   In addition to this online form, we have the same form as a Microsoft Word document that you can edit and return by email.  Please use whichever version is easiest for you – the questions are the same.




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Business name

Please provide the name of your company as you would like it listed on your website?

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If you already have social media accounts, please provide links to all of your social media pages that you want included on your website (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Please list and describe all of the services offered by your company.

Please list all special certifications and associations for which your company and/or staff are affiliated.

Please list all of your target markets.

Please list and describe any and all awards/accolades received by your company and/or any of your staff.

Please list the names, titles and any special certifications of your executive team and key staff. If bios and photos are available, please provide. If no bios are available, we can compose these for you if you provide us with resumes or bullet points of each team member’s experience.

Do you have any clients willing to offer a testimonial?

In your own words, please describe what you feel makes your company stand out from your competition? In otherwards, what is your unique sustainable difference?

Is your practice or anyone on staff involved with any philanthropic or charitable organizations?

What community activities does your executive team or company either participate in or sponsor?

Is there anything you would like to add or feel is important for us to know about your company?

When a potential customer searches for your business, what search terms do/would they use?